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We can host events up to 3am on Fridays & Saturdays, the rest of the week we can host up to 11pm.

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With a comfortable seating capacity of 54 we can provide mulitpuls of 6 seat for £2 or 6 seats & 1 table for £5 each (covering and napkins not included). Available for the Main Hall only.


Hired as per table of 6, you will get 6 x dinner plate, large bowl, flatware and glasses for £2.50. Only available with table hire.

Tables and seating:*
Seating required:*


When you need that extra bit of sound quality, The sound will be tailored for your live artistswith a sound engineer on site for the duration. From £90 per night available for the Main Hall only.


Hire the PA & Mixer, £50 per day/hire, You will require your own DJ equipment with XLR outputs, available for the Main Hall only.


Suitable for childrens parties without a DJ or background music, will play Music CDs or MP3s on CD, USB, Smart Phone or iPod. £10 per day/hire available for the Main Hall only.


Hire Digital Projector & Surround Sound System with DVD, Blu-Ray or PC input, £20 per day/hire. available for the Cinema only.

If you laptop does not have a HDMI output and extra set up charge will apply

Please note:We can no longer allow users of the hall to bring in and use their own PA equipment due to noise complaints when oversized PAs are used, you can use the inhouse PA with your mixer and decks etc but be awaire we operate a sound limiter that cuts power to all equipment if the sound is too loud.By hiring the venue you agree that we are not responsibile for any damage that this may cause to your equipment.We are also able to provide a full sound service, that includes extra speakers and a sound engineer from £90 for night
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We hire our spaces by the hour (except the cinema when used as a rehearsal space)
The rates for main hall are

  • 9am to 7pm £20 per hour
  • 7pm to midnight £25 per hour
  • after midnight £30 per hour

with the following discounts

  • Local residents 10%
  • Community events (free to user) 20%
  • Under 10s party 25%
  • Young persons project (free to young person) 30%

the cinema is a rehearsal space between 10am and 5pm

  • ½ day £25
  • full day £40
  • after 5pm £20 per hour plus projector charge

Whene hireing our space you can also hire tables, chairs and tableware, these are included when using our inhouse catering service (kitchen only available for serving, not prep or cook)

  • table & chairs for 6, £5 per night
  • table setting for 6, £2.50 per night